About Us


Our mission

KitchBoom starts from the passion of spending the best moments around the dinner table with our loved ones. We aim at giving you home dining lovers dinnerware and glassware of excellent design at fair prices.

Founded in London, the United Kingdom in 2019 and currently serve customers from over 18 countries.
Welcome to the elegance at home
-You're used to elegance and quality when eating out, whether it's dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant or an old-world afternoon tea. However, home dining has become the new normal — but that doesn't mean you have to do without the style you're used to.
That's where KitchBoom comes in. Whether you're looking for the best dinnerware, glassware or tableware, unique cutlery or hand-painted tea sets, you can have all the elegance you're used to from us.
Dinnerware for dining in style
Whether you're enjoying a family dinner or entertaining guests, the best dinnerware can transform a meal into an occasion. KitchBoom offers a wide range of materials and designs for all budgets. Does your taste run to stoneware or ceramic, glass or bone china, or would you prefer handmade porcelain? We have plates, bowls and dinner sets in designs ranging from minimalist white to traditional willow pattern to marble effect.
-To go with your elegant crockery, you'll also want best quality cutlery. We offer gold, black and silver cutlery sets, in traditional and contemporary designs, made of materials ranging from stainless steel to titanium. 
Glassware for elegant drinking
Along with dining style, you'll need elegant glassware, whether for the wine with your meal or after-dinner drinks. KitchBoom offers a range of crystal glass for your wine, champagne or cocktails, as well as whisky tumblers and highball glasses. Designs range from traditional to unique contemporary styles.
You can choose between individual glasses, sets of glasses and a variety of crystal whiskey decanter sets for you to offer your guests their whiskey in style. We also have crystal wine decanter sets, ranging from hand-painted enamel to unusual modern designs.
Teaware for traditional afternoon tea
Nothing says elegance like a traditional afternoon tea, and KitchBoom offers a wide range of teacups and coffee cups. Choices range from best bone china teacups to fine porcelain or ceramic, decorated in styles from floral to marble. Our teapots, similarly, range from floral bone china to iron teakettles, while we have coffee presses of glass, steel or aluminium.
Besides individual cups and teapots, we also supply a wide choice of bone china afternoon tea sets. Most are made in traditional designs, evoking country house parties, but if your tastes run more to modernism, we have a number of options.
Tableware to set off your fine dining
However high quality your dinnerware or glassware maybe, your dinner won't strike the right note if your table coverings and place settings don't match it. Table linen needs to match the image you're going for, and we have everything from restrained single colours to bright designs, traditional or geometric patterns, or lace-fringed linen
This is merely a brief summary of the ways that KitchBoom can help your home dining have all the elegance you're used to. Browse the website for more detail, or get in touch with us for more information.