Are Placemats Necessary?

We all use placemats when we set a table properly, but is it really necessary? Or are placemats simply a tradition we never think to question?

In fact, there are very good reasons for using placemats, whether you're entertaining or dining alone.

Placemats Keep Your Table Clean and Undamaged

Do you use tablecloths on your dinner table, or do you prefer to leave it bare, showing off the grain of the fine wood and the sheen of the varnish? Either way, using placemats will offer protection from the hazards of dinner.

Occasional spillages are inevitable, however careful you are, and most of the time they aren't particularly damaging. The table can be wiped down, the cloth can be thrown into the wash, and they're as good as new. But not all spillages are so benign. If something oily or greasy gets onto the surface, it can be difficult to get it off the varnish or out of the material.

In the same way, you may need to put hot plates or dishes on the table, and this can damage either the wood or the cloth. You could even end up having to buy a new tablecloth or have the table revarnished. Placemats, on the other hand, are designed to be heat resistant and easily cleaned. And, if they are seriously damaged — well, they're considerably cheaper to replace.

Placemats | A golden placemat on the table.

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Placemats Up the Elegance Quota

Utility isn't the only consideration, though, when you're laying your table. However beautiful your table surface or however elegant your tablecloth is, leaving it unadorned looks boring and unplanned.

Placemats enable you to define each place setting in a way that expresses your style. They come in many looks, from classic to modern, so there'll be something to suit you. A table laid with placemats looks planned and deliberate, whereas a table without them can easily seem random.

What Style of Placemats Would You Like?

The same kind of placemats won't necessarily suit everyone, which is why we offer a choice. For example, if you like the classic look of leather, the Leather Art Placemats come in a choice of brown or orange. For just £17, two elegant placemats are accompanied by two matching coasters.

Placemats | A plate, cup, fork and knife placed on top of a brown leather placemats.

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If you fancy something a little more playful, the Art Deco style of the Chic Home Placemats are available in shiny goldsilver or rose gold. A set of two of these lovely placemats is just £18.

Placemats | Three table placemats on the table.

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For safe and elegant dining, whether every day or for special occasions, check out all the placemats we offer.