5 Facts About Whisky Glasses

For some people, it's all about getting the whisky down their throat, and they'll drink it from any glass that happens to be available. But you're not like that. You know that having the right whisky glasses matters — but do you know why?

Here are five facts about whisky glasses:

1. Different Shapes of Whisky Glasses Affect the Aroma

Have you ever wondered why whisky glasses come in different shapes? Some have straight sides, while others taper inwards towards the rim. Well, as with most designs, it's not just a whim.

The shape dictates how the aroma of the whisky reaches your nose. Tapering glasses tend to concentrate all the different aromas and direct it straight to your nose, which creates a blend of both pleasant and unpleasant smells. The tumbler shape, on the other hand, allows the lighter, sharper alcohol molecules to escape, leaving the heavier molecules that provide the characteristic whisky smell.

2. Different Whisky Glasses Suit How You Take Your Whisky

How do you drink your whisky? Some drinkers prefer it neat, while others add water or another mixer. Some have it on the rocks, and some even mix it into a cocktail.

Each type of whisky glass suits particular uses. Neat whisky can be enjoyed in either a narrow glass or a tumbler, but if you're adding ice, you'll need a tumbler, which can also be used for mixers, making it by far the most versatile type of glass. On the other hand, if you like either a cocktail or a lot of mixer with your whisky, then your best bet is a highball glass.

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3. How Do You Hold Your Whisky Glass?

If you're just going for a whisky glass that's easy to hold as you sip your favourite drink, then the tumbler is perfect. It fits easily in the hand and is very easy to lift.

On the other hand, you can hold a highball glass further down, keeping your hand well away from your face and allowing you to smell nothing but the whisky. However, this isn't always quite as well balanced as the versatile tumbler.

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4. The Best Whisky Glasses Are Made of Pure Crystal

Some cheaper crystal is made with traces of lead in it. Although the quantities may not be seriously toxic, no amount of lead is good — and, in any case, the lead can contaminate the whisky and spoil the taste.

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